Role Of User Experience (UX) In Digital Marketing

September 18 2023 James Walker

Before diving deep into this topic, you must be aware of what user experience actually is. In today’s modern and innovative world, everything revolves around the user experience. If UX is good, it means that your brand is trustworthy and is likely to reach a new pinnacle in the near future. But if it is not up to the mark, the user will be thwarted and that will lead to the suffering of your brand.

User experience is the comprehensive experience of every user that visits and interacts with your website or application. Various factors impact the user experience, such as content, functionality, layout, and utility of the website or app.

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Importance of User Experience in Digital Marketing

Following are some statistics that spotlight the significance of user experience in today’s online marketing.

       According to Forrester Research, a skillfully planned website enhances conversion rate by up to 200%.

       As per Salesforce, more than 84% of people think that the user experience of a website is equally pivotal as its product or assistance.

       Google claims that approximately 53% of visitors prefer to leave the site taking more load time.

       Another research by Kissmetrics states that nearly 40% of people exit and never come back to your site if it takes more loading time.

Tips to Improve User Experience

Looking at the significance of user experience in the growth of your business, you must comprehend some of the crucial tips. These tips play a pivotal role in upgrading the user intent and maximizing conversion percentage.

Understand your Target Audience

Firstly, understand your audience foe creating the design of your site. It helps in gaining the better attention. You must be aware of their interest, taste, and requirements. It is the trigger point for more consumer attraction and traffic boost to your site. However, there are various platforms, such as social media analytics, Google analytics, and customer feedback that help you in getting insights from your customers.

Make the Navigation Process Easy

Make sure your website is user friendly, and your customers don’t find it hard to search for anything they require. Make everything clear and accessible to people. You can depend on us for the most compatible web design Perth. We create a website in a way that has clear labels, assembled content intelligently, and an appropriate layout.

Use Captivating Visuals

The first thing that attracts people is the design and graphics of the websites. Due to this, you should always create a website that gives an everlasting impression to your visitors. For this, you should use coherent content, better-quality images, and videos. Adding more to it, the graphics of your website must be effective and optimized for different size screens.

Be Clear and Concise

Using precise and concise content for business site is highly crucial. Don’t use slang language and complicated words. Write in an attractive format with proper headings, and subheadings. The language of the content should be user-friendly, and you can use bullet points to make your content easily understandable and unambiguous.

Optimize for Mobile

Most people use smartphones these days. For this, always try to create mobile friendly business sites. For this, you must use an amazing layout and adjust content in a way that is easy to find and convenient for every cell phone user. The mobile responsive sites attract a large audience.

Provide Personalization

Personalization plays a vital role in making the user experience better. Our customers feel appreciated and listened to. The best way of improving the user experience is to gather data from prior interactions and use it to customize the content, emails, and any suggestions. Adding more to it, different vouchers, recommendations, and discounts depending on the visitor’s interest can be appreciated.

Test and Repeat

The last but most important tip to enhance your user experience in digital marketing is to evaluate your site. For website testing multiple methods can be applied. However, the excellent way is to compare the various styles of your site, email, and even content to find out which one is perfect. You can also take feedback from visitors and try to improve the weak areas of your website. It will help fetch more attention and escape troubles you may face later.

Part of User Experience in Online Marketing

User experience (UX) plays an essential role in online marketing. It’s important to make your visitor your priority and design your site accordingly. It will help you in upgrading your business growth. Let's take a look at the below discussed points to apprehend the role of UX.

Good UX Leads to Customer Satisfaction

The success of a company depends on customer satisfaction to a great extent. If the customers visiting your site feel it is accessible and user-friendly, they will come to your site again. But, on the other hand, if they find it difficult to search for their desired items and your site has a slow loading time, then it would be the first and last time they have visited your page. Thus, it has become pivotal to recognize your target audience's requirements and concerns. It helps in providing your customers with memorable and best ever experiences.

Better UX Means Better SEO

Having a good user experience means you are likely to gain more traffic on your site. It enhances your visibility on SERPs. This is because Google gives a profound amount of importance to the customers' experience of interacting with your website. Moreover, a good user experience (UX) attracts a large audience to come and visit your website, that automatically lessens the bounce rate. The reduced bounce rate shows the relevancy of your content and a good user experience.

Responsive Landing Page Design

It is understood that if your customer does not find the relevant content they need, they will leave your page and visit another one. A recent study shows that nearly 79% of visitors have done this. It is said that a skillfully planned website has more conversion rate than one with poor graphics and designs. The finest way to convert the visitor of your website into your customer is by making the user experience good. Make sure you make everything on your website easy for the visitors coming your way.

User Experience Builds Conversions

Do you want to have a high conversion rate? For this, provide your users with an exceptional website experience. It is because the conversion rate greatly depends on the better user experience. Try to implement the best strategies which are according to the customer’s requirements. For this, you need to identify your audience’s interests and needs and then make strategies depending on that. The customers finding their required information are likely to explore more on your site and even invite more people to your page. Adding more to it, you can also add a call to action at the appropriate place to enhance the conversion rate.

UX Optimize it on Smartphone

Gone are the days when people used to do everything on laptops and computers. These days, most people use smartphones for all purposes, including buying or selling anything. That is why it has become imperative to make your website optimized for mobile phones as well. It was stated in a recent study that almost 48% of cell phone users exit a website that was not optimized for smartphones. Thus, if you want to have more leads and traffic on your site, make sure your page is mobile friendly. By this, the conversion rate also improves and it is also beneficial for SEO ranking.

Customers demands and priorities change with time. If you want to see your company grow into a successful brand, make sure you are aware of your target audience. Only they can help you reach the new heights of success. They play a key role in ranking your site and inviting more visitors to your page. That is why make them your priority and see how they make your business the top choice of everyone around. Your business growth automatically improves when more and more customers are satisfied.

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