Terms and Conditions

OZwebdevelopment is the owner, developer, and distributor of all the services of managing, building and hosting all the web pages and software. The agreement is between both the parties; client and our company. We have the right to make changes anytime for the provision of better services.

Application Terms

The use of this website means you agree to the terms and conditions, compliance, rules, regulation and law. All the data on this website is reserved and saved from copyright. Users have the right to avail of all services anywhere and anytime. We are not responsible for any client's issue with software and hardware especially if it is related to our services. You should inform us if you find any content that is not suitable for children and not confined to any applicable law. Moreover, it is your sole responsibility to back up all links, content, files and material supplied by you to us.


All graphics, designs, texts, software and arrangement are licensed and owned by Ozwebdevelopment. Our rights are reserved for copyright which come under the Act 1968 Australia. In violation of any law, we deliberately take action legally against those who will be responsible for such acts.


We are a fully licensed web development company. Our licensed services don’t allow users to do the following acts without permission:

  1. Copy or changes in any material.
  2. Use of material at any business, commercial, public and for any other purpose.
  3. Transferring the web material to any third person.
  4. Removal of any restricted document and copyright.

Our Services

We ensure that our content and services are not illegal and do not contain any obscene material. Our site provides all services related to websites which include:

  1. Web Development
  2. App Development
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. SEO
  5. Content Writing
  6. PPC Ads
  7. Graphic Designing
  8. Logo Design

On cancellation of any services, you have to notify us 30 days prior. You have to pay the cancellation fee equal to two months' fee for failing to give us the prior notification.

Clients’ Required Information

There is a requirement for the client's complete information including names, right and current address, account and billing information. Payment and service information are also included. Immediately inform us regarding any changes in your address and contact information. We have not been responsible for any kinds of failure and delay of salient notification owing to inaccuracy in your contact.

Use of Client’s Data

You allow us to use your information for the purpose of mailing operations, debt recovery, and billing customer inquiries to ensure the better delivery of services. Having a better understanding, read our site privacy policy for gathering and use of information.

It is essential for users to comply with our terms and conditions for reliable and user-friendly services.